One of my favorite Eclipse-shortcuts

Have you ever turned a variable to a constant and—following the Java Code Conventions—also changed it’s name to upper-case? Sure, “ALT + SHIFT + R” does a good job but what if you have plenty of such adjustments to do?

There’s help out there—and because I always forget the following command I want to dedicate a post to one of my favorite Eclipse-shortcut:

"Strg + Shift + X"

Just mark the text you want in upper case and use this combination. By the way – the little brother of “Strg + Shift + X” is “Strg+Shft+Y” (to lower case).

Appendix: There’s a nice Eclipse-plugin available which shows you (very insistently) the usable shortcut of an action when triggering it by mouse: mousefeed [1]. Although it seems that this plugin isn’t actively developed anymore it’s worth a try.


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Rolf Engelhard


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